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Time Zone: (UTC-06:00) Central Time (US & Canada)
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Demonstration Class: 20 minutes
Nationality: American
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Course Categories: English, Travel & Culture, Cultural Studies, Cooking, Psychology,

”About Me” I am an ESL and creative writing instructor based out of Indiana. My professional background includes early childhood education, virtual teaching, substitute teaching elementary and middle school students, and working as an embedded learning assistant for several college courses. I am working towards finishing my bachelor degree in international studies, but I currently hold an associate degree, two ESL teaching certifications, and a child development associate (CDA). I also have an educational background in psychology (emphasis on child psychology), creative writing, intercultural communications, and conversational Spanish. I am also a published author of poetry and fiction. In my free time, I enjoy reading anything by Neil Gaiman, writing, yoga, running, cooking, and spending time with my rambunctious Siberian Husky.

I am passionate about sparking a love of learning in students the way that so many of the teachers in my life did for me.

In my classroom, you may certainly learn the technicalities of english grammar, vocabulary, and usage both as a second language class or to prepare for classes in American schools. However, you will also find my classroom a place to explore poetry and creative writing in particular - a place to gather the tools you will need to tell your own stories and express yourselves.

You will also learn valuable learning skills to build your confidence and love of learning for any subject which holds your interest.

We will explore world cultures through their traditions, mythologies, foods, and more.

Lesson Packages

Once Upon a Time: Fiction Writing for Beginners (30 Minutes / Lesson, Total 5 Lessons)
In this beginner creative writing course, students will be introduced to the basics of fiction through interactive games, discussion, and group collaboration. Class will cover the following topics: What is fiction? What makes a good story? -WHO -> the characters of a story -WHERE & WHEN -> the setting of a story - WHAT & HOW -> the plot of a story This is a workshop style class. Previous experience in creative writing is not required, as the goal of this class is to spark the imagination and in
Actually, I Can: How to Develop a Growth Mindset (45 Minutes / Lesson, Total 5 Lessons)
When was the last time you were told, “You can’t do that?” How did that make you feel? Is the person who tells you what you “can’t” do YOU? You may have a “fixed” mindset. In this course, students will answer the following questions: -What’s the difference between a FIXED mindset and a GROWTH mindset? -Why is having a growth mindset important to me? -What can I do with a growth mindset? -How do I get a growth mindset for myself? During class, we will always begin with a fun and short video feat
Rhythm & Rhyme: How to Write Poems That Rock! (60 Minutes / Lesson, Total 10 Lessons)
Before there were ever any books, magazines, blog sites, or - dare I say it - TikTok, there was spoken word. Poetry is one of humanities oldest art forms, and it was used not only to entertain, but to educate and communicate secrets, traditions, and more across generations and centuries of people around the world. Today, poetry comes in many forms, and it serves many purposes, but the one thing that ties them all together is that anyone can be a poet and express their deepest feelings through spoken or
Growing Up Girl: Puberty & How to Deal (90 Minutes / Lesson, Total 1 Lesson)
Being a girl is tough, and going through puberty can seem like the absolute worst! What are all these changes to my body? Why am I feeling happy one minute and angry the next? Is this what growing up feels like? Do boys have to deal with any of this? You may have more than a few of these questions, and I am here to let you know some things you can expect during this often crazy time in life. More importantly, you will learn some fantastic ways to help balance those emotions, manages the changes happe