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I Teach English,
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”About Me” My passion for linguistic discoveries and word etymologies started long time ago, in my childhood. This spark of talent was observed and nourished by my Romanian language teachers, all the way through to high school. However, my experiences as an adult had put me into favorable situations and I`ve been privileged enough to know other cultures and their languages.
My strongest bond is with the Saudi culture and subsequently the Arabic language. Nevertheless, language barriers were sometimes an impediment to integration, therefore the English language played the role of an ambassador for my thoughts. Years passed and the Arabic language has become my friend and my companion. Yet, my old savior ‘English’ needed some attention because it started to get rusty. Somehow, in 2016, an opportunity was created so that I could revisit this old and faithful friend of mine. This time English became more than a tool, it has become the major of my Bachelor Degree. I`ve really immersed into the language and literature of the English people and thankfully I`ve been awarded, last Summer, my ‘Magna cum laude’ degree.

Lesson Packages

English for young learners (50 Minutes / Lesson, Total 10 Lessons)
On top of being an enthusiasic teacher I am a mother of children who aquire gradually their second language ,English.My objective is to teach your children as if they were mine.
English for begginers(adults& teens) (50 Minutes / Lesson, Total 5 Lessons)
If you are interested in having conversation or learning to read and write in English ,you`ve come to the proper place.Let`s start!
Essay writing A to Z (50 Minutes / Lesson, Total 15 Lessons)
If you want to get anywhere with your academic English you need to write proper essays .I am here to get you through the process of learning how to write an essay.
Othello in town (50 Minutes / Lesson, Total 4 Lessons)
Othello is a play which feels very close to us ,in aproaching feelings of which we are familiar.MY aim in this course is to trigger your critical analysis skills in a fun yet elevated manner.