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I Teach Business & Management, English, Greek, Health & Fitness,
Certifications BA - MAJOR PSYCHOLOGY,
Teaching Experience 6 years
Rates from from £10.00
Demo Lesson 20 minutes
(UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest (UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest

”About Me” Hello everyone! My name is Emmanouil and I am an online ESL consultant since 2016. I am always enthusiastic when it comes to advice, support and help people set and achieve their goals. I have spend 12 years living and working in the UK. I have a BSc in Social Psychology and Sociology and a Masters in Management and Organizational Dynamics. Moreover, I have working experience in learning disabilities, recruiting training and mentoring staff. I could help you with your CV and your next job interview. Finally, I am an active listener, patient and can identify people's needs very quickly.
Hope to see you soon in one of my classes!
Best Wishes

Lesson Packages

Free talk (English) (25 Minutes / Lesson, Total 1 Lesson)
Relaxed and informal chat about everyday issues.
Free talk (Greek) (25 Minutes / Lesson, Total 1 Lesson)
Relaxed and informal chat about everyday issues.
CV Workshop (45 Minutes / Lesson, Total 1 Lesson)
Suggestions, ideas and advice for your CV in order to look more attractive and professional.
How to improve your academic writing (45 Minutes / Lesson, Total 1 Lesson)
This lesson covers -Structuring an Essay -Parts of Speech -Punctuation and Grammar -Reasoning -Useful Tips
Introduction to Psychology (45 Minutes / Lesson, Total 1 Lesson)
-Short presentation about what is Psychology. -Answer questions of prospective Psychology students. -Discuss the career paths for psychologists -Provide bibliography for individuals that are interested in studying Psychology.
Job Interview Preparation (50 Minutes / Lesson, Total 1 Lesson)
-Cover dos and don't in a job interview. -Answer a plethora of the most common and uncommon interview questions. -Anxiety and Stress Management.
Management in Organizations (55 Minutes / Lesson, Total 5 Lessons)
1/ Organizational Structure -What is Organizational Structure? -Classical Theories -The Contingency Approach -Flexible Organizations, new forms of work -Critical Approaches to Organizational Culture 2/ Culture, Meaning and Interpretation -What is Organization Structure? -Development and Aspects of Organizational Structure -Key Dimensions 3/Power and Politics -Where does Power come from? -Political Organization -Views of Power 4/Motivation -What motivates people at work? -Introduce and evalua
Sadness and Depression (45 Minutes / Lesson, Total 1 Lesson)
-Distinguish between sadness and depression -Discuss Sadness and Depression as evolutionary adaptations.