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Time Zone: (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris
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”About Me” 🧠 Do you want to be really involved in your learning process and ‘own’ your sessions?
🧠 Do you want to set your own goals and be able to measure your progress?
🧠 Do you want to explore a brain-friendly and stress-free learning experience?
🧠 Do you want to accelerate your learning experience and create bridges between English and your native language?

I'm here to help. My name is Mila. I’m a language enthusiast and Neurolanguage Coach®.

📜 I have a Bachelor’s degree in Philology and Economics, a Master’s degree in Translation and Interpreting, and also a CELTA certificate issued by the University of Cambridge. I’m certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation).

👩‍🏫 I’ve been teaching English since 2012 and have worked with thousands of clients from 6 different countries.

🗣️ I speak English, Spanish, Russian, and Czech; so I know how it feels to learn a foreign language.

🧠 NeuroLanguage Coaching® is a completely different approach to traditional language learning. You won't feel as if you are in class and you will develop long-lasting language skills. I will help you achieve this through powerful brain-friendly conversations.

🖥️ I also offer general English and business English classes, as well as classes of Czech.

✉️ Send me a message to book your free session. We will talk about your current situation, motivation, goals, expectations, and make a personalized plan for you.

👋 See you soon!

Lesson Packages

English Conversation (25 Minutes / Lesson, Total 5 Lessons)
We will work on your fluency and confidence while discussing various topics in English.
English Conversation (50 Minutes / Lesson, Total 5 Lessons)
We will work on your fluency and confidence while discussing various topics in English.
English for Life (50 Minutes / Lesson, Total 10 Lessons)
We will work together to increase your confidence and communication skills in everyday English so that you can enjoy your travels, move abroad, understand different cultures, and much more.
Business English (50 Minutes / Lesson, Total 10 Lessons)
If you want to rock at your job and secure future career opportunities, this package is for you. With my help, you will improve your English communication skills in a business setting. Possible topics: management, marketing, sales, negotiations, interviews, business writing, phone calls, presentations and speeches, giving and receiving feedback, intecultural communication, meetings, small talk, and much more.
Czech classes (50 Minutes / Lesson, Total 10 Lessons)
Classes of Czech tailored to your needs.
Power Hour (55 Minutes / Lesson, Total 1 Lesson)
Do you need help creating your CV? Do you have an important presentation you need to prepare for? Do you need to get ready for a job interview? Power Hour is the ideal option for you if you need one-time help.
Neurolanguage Coaching® (50 Minutes / Lesson, Total 10 Lessons)
Try this innovative approach to learning languages. We will be creating bridges between your native language and English. Coaching + English language + Neuroscience = Your full learning potential