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Time Zone: (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
Rates: $
Demonstration Class: 20 minutes
Nationality: Irish
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Course Categories: English,

”About Me” My name is Linford, and I am from Ireland. I have been teaching English for about 7 years.

I taught English as a Foreign Langauge in South Korea for 6 years, including 5 years at a University. In that time I taught a range of ages, from Elementary to Adult, as well as a range of abilities, from beginner to advanced.

I like to focus my lessons on my students' needs: what is your target language (for example, American or British English), what do you need English for (Business English, or English for studying at University), what do you need to focus on (Speaking, Writing, Listening)? I have a very neutral accent, but I have experience teaching both American and British English, so we can focus on what you need! Overall, we will be working on communication, and the lessons will have a lot of speaking practice in real-world contexts.

I really enjoy getting to know my students and finding out what they are interested in. I find it useful to relate what we are learning in class to our own personal lives. It can be really fun to see students get to know each other as well, and we will be focusing on speaking practice as much as possible. Even though it can be difficult, I also enjoy teaching grammar, and have developed a range of teaching strategies for grammar over the years.

Finally a little about myself. I enjoy listening to and playing music in my free time. I have been playing guitar since I was 12, and I love playing and creating music, both at home and on stage. I also enjoy watching rugby, and taking my dog for walks.

Lesson Packages

Lead Guitar Workshop (40 Minutes / Lesson, Total 6 Lessons)
In this class we will learn how to use the pentatonic scale to play along play solos to any song! The pentatonic scale is a magical 5-note scale that allows any guitarist to play a lead part or solo over most pop or rock songs (or many other genres too!). You will learn how to differentiate between minor and major keys; use the pentatonic scale on different parts of the guitar; and learn a few handy riffs that work with almost any song. This course is for all levels of experience, the difficulty wi
General English (45 Minutes / Lesson, Total 10 Lessons)
This is a General English class. You can learn conversation, grammar, vocabulary, reading, listening and more.