I Teach English, History, Political Science,
Rates from from £25.00
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Time Zone (UTC-05:00) Bogota, Lima, Quito, Rio Branco

”About Me” Originally from London, UK, I now live in Medellin, Colombia. I have a BA in History and Politics and a Masters's in Latin American Development. I also have a TESOL.

I have taught ESL to adults and children for five years, both online and offline. I have taught primarily business English whilst in Colombia and everyday British English to Japanese students in London. In Colombia when I taught children I mostly focused on verbal communication. More recently whilst undergoing my Masters in London I tutored Japanese children in English but would often do history, sociology, and literature classes to complement what they were learning at school. I continue to teach these students online. I also teach Chinese students on an app (Palfish, and before SayABC) focusing on verbal communication, and grammar.

In my free time, I love binging Netflix, listening to music and painting although I'm not very good. Pre-covid I used to love going dancing and people watching in a cafe.
I Teach English, History, Spanish, Travel & Culture,
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Time Zone (UTC+01:00) Brussels, Copenhagen, Madrid, Paris

”About Me” I´m Joel and I live in the beautiful, culture-rich south of France! I have been a teacher for twenty years. I am certified in the U.S to teach Spanish, History and English as a Second Language at the secondary level. I taught Spanish in high school and middle schools for fourteen years and I have been a private teacher for seven years. I have also taught over ten thousand online English as a Second Language classes to children and adults. I have been approved as a substitute English teacher in the French National Education System as well. I love teaching languages. In addition to speaking Spanish, I also speak French at an intermediate level and improve every day! My real passion in teaching though is History! I want my students to have fun learning as they join me on a historical tour of Europe. We will have plenty of geographical and linguistic gems thrown in too! Let´s make History come to life!
I Teach English, History,
Certifications MA HISTORY (HONS), TESOL,
Teaching Experience 17 years
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Time Zone (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

”About Me” My name is Mike Hauxwell and I’m an English teacher from Edinburgh, Scotland. I’ve been teaching for over 15 years, working in Japan, Slovakia, Spain, Portugal, Russia, the UAE, UK & Italy. I’ve taught in private language schools, state schools, universities, & businesses. I have a Master’s degree in History & a Trinity CertTESOL certificate.

I teach adults & young adults and have taught General, Business, Conversation English, ESP & EAP. I have also prepared many students for of major exams, mostly the Cambridge suite & IELTS.

Although I offer lessons on grammar & exam questions, if you watch my introduction video, you will hear that my teaching is best summed up as a ‘learning through learning English’ approach, often referred to as the CLIL method. This style will appeal to students who wish to not only develop their language knowledge & skills, but who also feel a need to broaden their knowledge more generally in the process.

I’ve designed & taught many lessons which offer students the opportunity to improve their English or prepare them for exams, but also stimulate or expand their interest in some theme/topic which offers an alternative to the often rather dry material found in textbooks or exam practice papers. Some of these I am currently developing into online courses.

Although I have a range of interests, I enjoy learning from & about my students. I like to create a relaxed but studious learning environment for my students where they can safely engage with myself & other students.

Please contact me for more details.

Take care,
I Teach English, Geography, History, Science, Special Education,
Rates from from £15.00
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Time Zone (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

”About Me” Hello everybody!
My name is Mark. I am a qualified British school Teacher from the United Kingdom with a degree in Primary Education from Durham Univeristy.
I have been teaching for nealy fourteen years across key stages one and two.
I have experience of teaching primary school subjects including English, science, History, Geography, and Religious Education.
I have experience of teaching children and adults with special educational needs such as Autism and helping them to learn through a variety of tailored curriculums and specialist teaching techniques in a wide variety of subjects.
I am a qualified EAL Teacher with a level 5 Dioloma in teaching English as a foriegn language. I am currently self employed and teach a wide range students, from children aged 6 to adults.
I also deliver a variety of Business English topics.
I have my own creative writing curriculm which has helped many students make progress with their own creative writing journeys.
In 2013, I became a published author. I wrote the book ''Chillingham castle- The diary of an amateur ghost hunter'' which has enjoyed great success. I was the first person in history to write a book about the 800 year old, historical castle that sits in the windswept moors of Northern England, that had acted as a strong hold during the boarder wars between England and Scotland during the 12th century. I have contriubuted to another book about the castle which also sells very well.
When I am not writing and teaching, I like to compete in Judo. I am a champion in the sport, winning several regional tournamnets.
I Teach English, History, Math,
Rates from from £12.50
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Time Zone (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

”About Me” Hello, my name is Robert Stewart. I have over sixteen years teaching experience. Thirteen years in schools and three years online with over 4,000 classes delivered. I have taught all levels, from absolute beginners in elementary school, to international business people, and everything in between. I hold a Postgraduate Teaching Certificate in TESOL from the University of Nottingham and I am also a Montessori accredited educator in English and Math, key stages 1&2 for the British curriculum. Travel is a passion for me and I have visited many countries around the world and hope to continue to do so. I love discovering new cultures and meeting new people, all the while making everyday a school day .Teaching is a career I love and I get great joy watching students progress. Many students started their life's educational journey with me , and are now studying at university and embarking on exciting careers of their own. Hearing their success stories is what makes teaching such a rewarding vocation. I look forward to becoming part of your success story too. Feel free to get in touch and we can create a roadmap for you and your learning needs helping you to build the future you want for yourself. Thank you for taking the time to view my profile and I wish you every success , whatever you choose to do.
I Teach English, Business & Management, Art, Geography, History, Science, Technology, Travel & Culture,
Rates from from £10.00
Demo Lesson 20 minutes
Time Zone (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)

”About Me” "If you're not learning, you're not living!"

Hello! I'm Jeani. I was raised to value education and encouraged to never stop learning. I believe that education empowers people and I am passionate about sharing knowledge with others. I love traveling, meeting people, learning about regional history, and different cultures. As a full-time RVer, I have been traveling the US for over three years which has given me many opportunities to learn. I have an extensive background in education both as a student and a teacher. I have a passion for education and love sharing knowledge in a fun and engaging manner with all age groups from pre-school to adults. I hold the TESOL and TEFL Certifcations and have taught ESL online for almost two years! I have taught pre-school, summer camp, after-school care programs, adult education, online education, and at the convention level to large groups. I have developed classes and training programs for adult professionals and have worked as a curriculum developer and coordinator for children. I have a degree in graphic design and copywriting and have used my experience and education to develop creative lessons and classes for all ages. I have also worked with adults instructing ESL for business applications such as interview preparation for jobs and graduate school entry. I have developed and taught technology, marketing, and advertising classes. I have been a leadership facilitator and also have extensive experience as a real estate broker and instructor. I look forward to helping you achieve your education goals!
I Teach English, Geography, History,
Rates from from £12.00
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Time Zone (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

”About Me” My name is Simon and I'm from the UK. I have been teaching English, Geography and History for 20 years.

I specialise in Business English, IELTS and conversation classes. I like to design my lessons specifically for each student so am happy to mix and match anything that takes your fancy.

I like to create a fun, stimulating and collaborative learning environment where every student can shine. I work with each student to individually design a course relevant to their needs and goals so they learn exactly what they want.

I grew up in the UK and have lived in Australia, South Korea Vietnam and now live in Edinburgh, Scotland. I have a CELTA, BA in Geography and Economic & Social History and have a PGCE which qualifies me to teach Geography and History in England. I was previously a team leader for a leading energy retailer.

I'm married and love nature, travel and the outdoors, especially riding my bicycle, hiking and camping. Six years ago I cycled from Vietnam to France to raise awareness of climate change which was the highlight of my life so far.
I Teach Art, English, History, Italian, Law, Travel & Culture,
Certifications TEFL,
Teaching Experience 13 years online and face-to face
Rates from from £5.00
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Time Zone (UTC+01:00) Amsterdam, Berlin, Bern, Rome, Stockholm, Vienna

”About Me” TEFL-TEYL- TESOLDRAMA qualified bilingual English/Italian teacher ( more than 16 years' including online experience) Italian, English up to C2 and Drama teacher with experience teaching to adults, children and teenagers.Two degrees, fluent French for French learners.. Long-term career as an actor, experienced acting coach, teacher and translator (including Camilleri), qualified at the British Council. I have also taught Legal English and Italian, please feel free to ask.
Here you can find some reviews from my students and their parents.

I Teach English, Geography, History, Spanish,
Teaching Experience 12 years+
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Time Zone (UTC-06:00) Guadalajara, Mexico City, Monterrey

”About Me” Hello, I’m Teacher David. I’m from Los Angeles, but currently live in beautiful San Cristobal de las Casas, Mexico. I’ve been teaching for over 12 years and have a lot of experience teaching English, History and preparing students for various exams (TOEFL, Cambridge, SAT, APUSH etc …). I have experience teaching children, teenagers and adults.

My teaching philosophy is based on a multidisciplinary global approach. I believe that education should be relevant, rigorous and fun. I have always wanted to be a Teacher, and nothing brings me more joy than seeing my students excel.

I have my Masters in Bilingual Secondary Education and my teaching credential from the state of California. I am qualified to teach ESL, History, Bilingual History classes and history classes in Spanish. I’ve also taught Advanced Placement United States History and AVID courses.

Please feel free to inquire about specially designed courses to meet your needs.

Here are some reviews by colleagues and former students:

“Mr. Mata is a great teacher and having him as a teacher truly enhanced my education. “
Kimberly Valle
Former student

“Both students and adults seek him out for mentorship.”
Laura Quintana Ph.D.

“His love for his students shines through clearly. Mr Mata is a great teacher and I would recommend him wholeheartedly.”

-Daniel Gonzalez
Former student
I Teach English, History, Law,
Certifications CELTA, LL.B.(HONS) LAW,
Teaching Experience 7 years
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Time Zone (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

”About Me” Hi, I'm teacher Jude and I come from Ireland. I first started teaching back in 1997 in Belfast where I taught history to children from 8 to 12 years old. I then went on to study law and in 2002 I graduated from the University of London with an LL.B. (HONS) (LAW). I've worked for two law firms and in the Finance departments of several large companies but never really got the satisfaction that I enjoyed when I was teaching and therefore in 2012 decided that I wanted to return to teaching. I did a CELTA course in teaching English to foreign students.

I have worked for two Chinese companies for 6 years, teaching children from the ages of 5 to 18 and I have also provided Business English lessons to several companies and prepared foreign students for IELTS exams in order that they can study in Universities in English speaking countries.

My teaching philosophy is that teaching should always be fun and to show great patience! It is very important to enjoy learning as it makes it easier to learn and students enjoy coming to class. I remember when I was young studying Gaelic and hating it because the teacher that I had didn't make the subject interesting but when I changed teachers my new teacher showed me how beautiful and how relevant the subject was and I developed a great love for it.

My hobbies include cycling, swimming, reading and cooking. I very much enjoy exploring different countries and sampling the different foods of the world. Especially high on my list is Italian and Chinese food.

I hope that you will join me in class soon so that we can have fun learning.
I Teach Cultural Studies, Geography, Health & Fitness, History, Kids, Music,
Rates from from £11.50
Time Zone (UTC+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta

”About Me” Whats up!!!
My name is Coach Lewis and I'm from Texas, USA!
I have taught for 7 years, going on 8 years teaching subjects like Physical Education, Social Studies, Athletic Sports, and Social Emotional Learning.
I believe the most important value (between teachers and students) is connection! I love meeting people from all walks of life and bring positive energy in any social environment. Learning is meant to be fun, energetic, and relationship driven in one's journey of growth and knowledge.

Check out my profile stat sheet! Hope to see you soon! :
Name: Robert Lewis

From: Dallas, Texas

Teacher Strengths: Relationship Builder, Energetic, Communication, andCreative Thinking

Top 3 Favorite Foods: Burgers, Tacos, and BBQ

Favorite Sport: Football

Favorite Superhero: Batman
I Teach English, Art, Cultural Studies, Geography, History, Travel & Culture,
Rates from from £20.00
Demo Lesson 20 minutes
Time Zone (UTC+02:00) Harare, Pretoria

”About Me” I have 25 years of teaching experience in Switzerland and teaching France working with 3-year-old children from all different nationalities. I have traveled the world teaching English and visited 35 countries. My hobbies are English, travel, cuisine, culture, painting, and sailing.

I am a South African, living in Cape Town and am passionate and enthusiastic about teaching English to children. I have 5 years of experience teaching English online to adults and children and I am a fun, outgoing, and patient teacher. I have experience teaching students ages 4-12 and find it extremely rewarding. I have also taught group classes of up to 65 students online. The children deserve to learn English as it is the international language.
I Teach English, History, Music,
Rates from from £10.00
Demo Lesson 20 minutes
Time Zone (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

”About Me” My name is Linford, and I am from Ireland. I have been teaching English for about 7 years.

I taught English as a Foreign Langauge in South Korea for 6 years, including 5 years at a University. In that time I taught a range of ages, from Elementary to Adult, as well as a range of abilities, from beginner to advanced.

I like to focus my lessons on my students' needs: what is your target language (for example, American or British English), what do you need English for (Business English, or English for studying at University), what do you need to focus on (Speaking, Writing, Listening)? I have a very neutral accent, but I have experience teaching both American and British English, so we can focus on what you need! Overall, we will be working on communication, and the lessons will have a lot of speaking practice in real-world contexts.

I really enjoy getting to know my students and finding out what they are interested in. I find it useful to relate what we are learning in class to our own personal lives. It can be really fun to see students get to know each other as well, and we will be focusing on speaking practice as much as possible. Even though it can be difficult, I also enjoy teaching grammar, and have developed a range of teaching strategies for grammar over the years.

Finally a little about myself. I enjoy listening to and playing music in my free time. I have been playing guitar since I was 12, and I love playing and creating music, both at home and on stage. I also enjoy watching rugby, and taking my dog for walks.
I Teach Business & Management, Economics, English, History, Kids, Political Science, Travel & Culture,
Certifications TESOL,
Teaching Experience 5
Rates from from £3.00
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Time Zone (UTC-05:00) Bogota, Lima, Quito, Rio Branco

”About Me” Love to read, travel, fish and scuba dive. I have been scuba diving all over the world including Hawaii, Honduras and the U.S. Virgin Islands. I spend part of the year in Ecuador and part of the year in my native country, The United States of America. Spending time abroad gives me a unique perspective on many topics.

I look forward to helping you along the way. At the end of the day, I believe education is transformative, and I am excited to help you improve your English skills.

I also enjoy teaching and discussing many other subjects such as; business, management, economics, history, political science and cultural subjects.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (History Minor) from Texas Tech University and a Master of Business Administration in Global Business from the University of Dallas.

As an adult Spanish student, I know first hand how important it is to learn new languages and apply them to our daily lives.

***I offer a free demo! You have nothing to lose***
I Teach English, Art, History, Science,
Rates from from £10.50
Demo Lesson 20 minutes
Time Zone (UTC+00:00) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London

”About Me” My name is Tracy Lambert and I hail from the UK and live in Kent (the bottom right-hand corner as you look at the map!)
I graduated from the University of Exeter with a Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree (Majoring in English and Theatre Arts). I hold a Diploma in Educational Psychology, a Level 3 Teaching Assistant Qualification; a Level 2 NACHE Understanding Mental Health In Children and Young People and am TEFL certified.
I still can't quite believe that I've been an educator for around 20 years. In that time, I’ve taught 4-11-year-olds of different abilities in schools, been a home educator to one of my two (now grown) children and am a leader in both The Girls’ Brigade and The Boys’ Brigade (similar to Scouts and Girl Guides). I believe firmly in a student-centred approach to teaching and in building confidence along with a love of learning. I'm very much looking forward to being a part of such an exciting new venture and to meeting new learners in class.
I Teach English, Geography, History, Science,
Rates from from £5.00
Time Zone (UTC+02:00) Athens, Bucharest

”About Me” Hello, I’m Susannah from the United Kingdom. I specialise in using the CLIL methodology (content and language integrated learning), where English lessons are combined with other subjects such as science, geography and history. I have also tutored students in preparation for the Cambridge PET/KET exams.

I have been educating children for over 4 years. I taught English in Spain for a year, before moving to online teaching with Whales English and Dada ABC. As well as being a qualified teacher I also have a BSc Honours degree in International Studies. My majors were international relations and environmental policy. I also hold a diploma in Environment and Sustainability.

The best way to learn English is to have a teacher who is friendly, positive, and patient, just like me! My lessons are fun and engaging with lots of rewards and encouragement. I will correct children when necessary and guide them in their learning, so they will become confident with English.

Before I became a full-time teacher, I travelled the world extensively. I have visited over fifty countries across four different continents. I have climbed mountains, kayaked fjords, and camped in the Serengeti. I am also a licensed scuba diver, so have explored the oceans too!

I love teaching English and sharing my knowledge with young students from all around the world. Book a 20-minute consultation to discuss curriculum options and your children's learning needs. I will discount the consultation price from your first lesson package booked. I look forward to helping your child reach their full potential.
I Teach English, Biology, Cultural Studies, Geography, History, Math,
Rates from from £15.00
Demo Lesson 20 minutes
Time Zone (UTC+02:00) Harare, Pretoria

”About Me” I am passionate about working with children, be it in a classroom or online. I enjoy scaffolding a child's knowledge and seeing a child grow and develop in being confident in their abilities. I am bubbly and self-motivated and love engaging with different cultures from around the world. I taught in Madagascar for a year and worked in a classroom setting for the past 4 years. I am Montessori qualified, have my TEFL certification and my love for travel and culture stems from working in the travel industry for 6 years.
I Teach English, History,
Teaching Experience Since 2005
Rates from from £7.00
Time Zone (UTC+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta

”About Me” My name is Abdul Rahman Reijerink. I have been teaching English since 2005. Since 2012 I have been living in Asia and teaching English as a Foreign Language. I have taught full time in Indonesian primary and secondary schools. I continue to work in tertiary education teaching pre-service teachers. I specialise in Communicative Language Teaching methods, particularly Task-Based Language Teaching and the Genre Based Approach.
I Teach English, History,
Certifications TEFL,
Teaching Experience 3 years
Rates from from £5.00
Demo Lesson 20 minutes
Time Zone (UTC+02:00) Harare, Pretoria

”About Me” Hi there, I am a qualified ESL teacher and I am interested in teaching both adults and children . I have two years experience teaching English online. I also have a 120 hours TEFL certificate. I also teach History and I am love it .
I Teach Business & Management, Cultural Studies, English, French, Health & Fitness, History, Kids, Travel & Culture,
Rates from
Demo Lesson 20 minutes
Time Zone (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

”About Me” Hello, my name is Michelle Vanderhoof, or Teacher Shell. Welcome to my class!
I have been teaching English for 24 years. I feel I am effective because I put myself in the place of the student and look at material as if it is completely new. I am very good at explaining. I'm good at managing how to break down an assignment and seeing what needs to be done. I teach: English/Language Arts, literature (interpretation and critique of short story, poetry, drama, novel), grammar, ESL, PSAT/SAT/TOEIC prep, writing, college app essays, research, business writing, podcast writing, speech/presentations, resume/cover letter, history, stress relief, and mindfulness, especially mindfulness & laughter and mindfulness & music. I have 2.5 years of experience working with special needs students; 13 years working with college students; 4 years teaching ESL; 15 years working with high school, middle school, and elementary students; 24 years teaching English and writing curriculum; 23 years doing paralegal work. I've worked with ages 3 to adult. Prior to teaching, I ran my own business for nine years, and I love marketing and statistics. I am fully certified with current clearances. I'm ready to help you! I enjoy living by the sea, and I write. I like to go for nature walks. In my spare time, I enjoy drawing. I love dogs, too, especially Polo, Coco Bella, and Cooper! I hope to see you soon!
For more information, please see: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michellevanderhoof/
Thank you for reviewing my profile.