I Teach Business & Management, Economics,
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Time Zone (UTC+10:00) Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

”About Me” I'm an "experienced" student veteran studied at a number of universities in Australia, all the way from Foundation/Pathway Program, Bachelor Program, Master Programs to PhD Program.
Come and study with me, no matter what subjects you are studying!
(Caveat: Subjects in Accounting, Data Analytics, Economics, Finance and Information Systems only.)
I Teach Business & Management, Economics, English, History, Kids, Political Science, Travel & Culture,
Certifications TESOL,
Teaching Experience 5
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Time Zone (UTC-05:00) Bogota, Lima, Quito, Rio Branco

”About Me” Love to read, travel, fish and scuba dive. I have been scuba diving all over the world including Hawaii, Honduras and the U.S. Virgin Islands. I spend part of the year in Ecuador and part of the year in my native country, The United States of America. Spending time abroad gives me a unique perspective on many topics.

I look forward to helping you along the way. At the end of the day, I believe education is transformative, and I am excited to help you improve your English skills.

I also enjoy teaching and discussing many other subjects such as; business, management, economics, history, political science and cultural subjects.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (History Minor) from Texas Tech University and a Master of Business Administration in Global Business from the University of Dallas.

As an adult Spanish student, I know first hand how important it is to learn new languages and apply them to our daily lives.

***I offer a free demo! You have nothing to lose***
I Teach Business & Management, Economics, English, Math,
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Time Zone (UTC+08:00) Beijing, Chongqing, Hong Kong, Urumqi

”About Me” Hello
I started my career as a United States Air Force Jet Pilot. Didn't want to fly for a living so started my own business which I franchised and then sold. Started into teaching and never looked back. I have traveled and lived around the world, but I am now living in China. I teach PERSONAL SELLING AND MARKETING at a University here, but as I am also CELTA QUALIFIED, I have taught for several years, ONLINE CLASSES IN ENGLISH to students ranging from 5 years old to working Adult. Over 250 students have come through my ENGLISH CLASSES previously face to face and then in the last 2 years via online and they've often said to me how valuable they found my lessons and the question is why? Well, I try to create a learner, and learning centered educational experience for my students. My classes are more than student listening to teacher and imitating what is being taught at that moment. They are about being fully engaged in the learning. How about an enthusiastic and passionate teacher? A teacher who really listens to their contribution? Did I mention being challenged, inspired, to be activated, and to have students to connect in ways that really work, even for people who find learning a language difficult?
I look forward to teaching you as well.
I Teach Economics, English, Kids, Travel & Culture,
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Time Zone (UTC+01:00) Belgrade, Bratislava, Budapest, Ljubljana, Prague

”About Me” Hello, my name is Jonilda and I am a qualified English teacher! I have been working as an English teacher online for 5 years. I have worked with many different age group students from different countries and backgrounds.
I am friendly and can easily adapt to any kind of student and their learning style. I have a neutral accent and I am easy to understand. I am very culturally sensitive and I like to adopt and tailor the lessons based on the students’ needs and their goals. I like to focus more on speaking and pronunciation skills when learning a new language because they are both important in our daily communication at the workplace and any other setting. I can help you with reading/comprehension skills, expanding vocabulary, and using a variety of materials to challenge and push you forward!!
The student and I both can set goals that are specific, measurable, and achievable, within a given time frame. I am very patient and I do my best to support you through every obstacle you face when learning English.
Before I started teaching, I have worked in different business settings but I always liked teaching and interacting with people from different countries and cultures.
I place a big importance on fostering a good relationship with my students because this makes the communication between the two more effective, and is much easier to work through any obstacles we encounter as we are learning.

Both the student and the teacher embark on a discovery journey when they are learning something new, and I am happy to help them enjoy the process.